Welcome to Operation Skinny Jeans!

6-Week Body Transformation Challenge 

Are you ready to lose weight, build muscles, drop body fat, gain energy, lose inches, get FIt For FALL, and look AMAZING in your SKINNY JEANS!???


Picture yourself waking up with energy, being 8-20lbs. lighter, fitting better in your clothes, feeling AMAZING, and having a TON of fun in the process!


We've created a BLUEPRINT for success.... so that in just 6-weeks, you'll comp[letely transform your body from the inside out.


 Operation Skinny Jeans Project Includes 6-Weeks of...



          * Unlimited Fat-Burning, Muscle Toning Workouts.





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BootCamp Schedule


Time:                              Days:                             Location: 

5:15-6AM                 Monday-Friday                  416 Northside Dr. Valdosta GA

8:15-9AM                 Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat.     

6:00-6:45 PM            Monday-Thursday

* 6-Week of Done-For-You Weekly Meal Plans

* A Print-and-Go Grocery List to make your life easy

* Clean Eating Recipe Book 


* Advocare 24 Day Challenge (optional)

This is for our clients who wants to accelerate their weight loss RESULTS!

* Before & After Assessments and weekly weigh-ins:

After you've completed the online registration one of our Certified Trainer will contact you to schedule a complete body assessment.Not only will we do a before & after measurements, we will also do a weekly weigh-in to make sure you are getting RESULTS! 


With The Operation Skinny Jeans everything is mapped out for you.  There's no thinking of what to  eat, or what workout to do. EVERTHING IS SET FOR YOU! All you have to do is follow and do it!



*You will received Daily Emails:

filled with inspiration, motivation, tips & tricksto help you stay on track with the program. 

*Accountability & Support:


WE care about getting the results you want! How many time have you tried to "DIET" or "Eat Healthier"  and somehow you end up with a bowl of icecream while watching a favorite show?  It's happened to the best of us. 


We will do everything we can within our power to help you stay on track!


We've also created a "Operation Skinny Jeans" Scret Facebook Group Page for our members. Where you'll be able to talk to other women working towards the same goals and dealing with similar struggles.




At the end of your 6-weeks commitment to the Skinny Jeans Challenge, to your diet, health & fitness, and most important commitment you've made to yourself...


We are going to have a Girls Night Out to celebrate our huge accomplishments and ROCK OUR SKINNY JEANS!!!




Registration Fee for the 6-Week Skinny Jeans Challenge is only $159!!! 


So, Are you Ready Get Fit For Fall and look

AH-MAZING  in Your Skinny Jeans?